A different take on a classic snack

A different take on a classic snack



Apricot and peanut butter flapjack

Two flavours you wouldn’t normally put togther, the sweet apricots complement the savoury peanut butter to create a chewy fruit and nut mixture with a twist.




100g porridge oats

100g cornflakes

8 tablespoons golden syrup

100g brown sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla essence

6 tablespoons peanut butter

100g dried apricots


Preperation time: 15 minutes

Cooling time: 15 minutes




1. Heat the golden syrup and brown sugar in a pan over a medium heat until it just starts to boil.

2. Remove from the heat and mix the peanut butter and vanilla essence in until fully melted.

3. Put the porridge oats into a bowl.

4. Chop the dried apricots into small pieces and add to the bowl.

5. Crush the cornflakes roughly in your hands and add to the oats and apricots, mix well.

6. Pour the peanut butter and syrup mix over the dry ingredients, mix well.

7. Line a swiss roll tray with greaseproof paper and press the flapjack mixture into it with the palm of your hand.

8. Allow to cool and then cut into squares.


Top tip:

Be careful not to let the syrup and sugar mixture over-boil or it will burn.

To keep the flapjacks chewy wrap them in greaseproof paper and store in an air tight container.



If you want extra crunch use crunchy peanut butter.

Rice crispies can be used instead of cornflakes and raisins can be used in place of dried apricots.