Had an amazing 12hrs sleep last night!

Had an amazing 12hrs sleep last night!

Day 3


Ok, I admit it, I gave in and slept indoors last night. In my defence I was pretty ill and I think Nick and his wife (Tina) both took pity on me and thought it best if I didn’t sleep in the yurt.


Nick decided it would be an amusing twist if he slept in there instead, probably so he could prove the fact that I’m fast becoming a softened city girl. As I was moving my things up into the spare room I thought it would be a nice gesture to light the fire: we were all planning on toasting marshmallows after dinner.


And what a fire it was! An hour later we trooped out for some marshmallow dessert to find the yurt had turned into some kind of sauna. Needless to say, nobody believed how cold it had been the previous night and plenty of digs at the not-so-hardy Scottish girl ensued. Trust me, teasing from a 10 and 12 year old is not always easy to take!


The marshmallows were delicious and the yurt was positively toasty. But I was not going to be lured in, so headed upstairs to sleep in the spare room. 


12 hours later I woke having slept right through, just goes to show how much I needed the sleep (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it). 


Apparently Nick found the yurt perfectly comfortable and warm. Bearing in mind he gets up at 5am usually anyway, he said when he woke up at 4.30am the fire was still going: an entirely different kettle of fish to my stone-cold fire the morning before.


Also, the outside temperatures did not dip nearly so low last night, honest! Nip over to Nick’s blog to see his version of the events. 


Something tells me, sympathy exhausted, I’ll be out on my ear tonight. Farewell comfy bed!