It felt like I was somewhere like this!

It felt like I was somewhere like this!

Day 2


3.40am, I give up and practically sprint inside. I am so cold! It turns out the wood-burning stove is not sufficient to cope with the almost -2°c temperatures this morning.


I was wearing: jogging bottoms, thick wooly socks, t-shirt, cardigan, wooly gillet, thick wooly roll neck jumper, scarf, hat and gloves.


Nick had given me a 10tog duvet, a thick woolen blanket and a throw. But, in the bed was not a problem, it was actually quite warm in there, it was the cold air all around which by 3am was starting to permeate the cocoon I had fashioned for myself.


Luckily, Nick had left the house door open for me allowing for such an eventuality so as I dash across the (frost covered) lawn I know there will be a sofa waiting for me inside.


What I had forgotten was Treacle: the dog. Thankfully she just looked at me quizzically for a few seconds and, deciding against barking, let me get on with it. I must have looked too pathetic to be a burglar.


At least one thing came in handy – the earplugs I bought in anticipation of the noise in the yurt! This morning I didn’t even hear Nick’s family going about their day-to-day routine of getting ready for school and work. And I was so bundled up under my sleeping bag, no-one but the youngest (Sasha) realised I was there. All mutually entertaining once I did eventually wake up.


So I’m not sure what the game plan is tonight, I feel I owe it to the project to try again, plus I’m not a quitter! It could be warmer tonight and maybe if I am more diligent with my fire it will work more efficiently.


It’s good to know, however, that the option of a spare room is there if I need it.